EXHIBITIONS, Current, Recent, and Future

Hunterdon Art Museum, Clinton, NJ, “HAM and Eggs”, Movis Group Show, January 13 – March 10, 2013

74”x39” 2013
Mylar, iron wheel rim, iron gear,
plastic lids, colored pencil, pins and tacks

An imaginary egg, possibly a human zygote, constructed with an iron wheel rim for a cell wall, and an iron gear as the nucleus. Within the nucleus map tacks and pins indicate genetic DNA. Scattered across the mylar are outline drawings of botanical material, bones, shells, iron tools, plastic, and many objects from ancient civilizations across the globe. These overlapping images float in space, and time. They indicate some of the inheritance of the being who might emerge from this egg cell. Plastic yogurt lids might be lenses, or petri dishes, or just trash, which provide a glimpse of the future.
Floating behind and among the other images are many silver outlines of mussel and oyster shells…..a popular idea for saving the New York waterfront from future floods and devastation.

Rowan University, Glassboro, NJ, “ Movility: Movis Moves Meaning”, October-November, 2012, Group Show

The Pingry School. Martinsville, NJ, “Bumping Into Intangibles”, Movis Group Show, November, 2011

New Jersey State Museum, Trenton, NJ, “Boomerang”, Movis Group Show, May 25 – September 22, 2013

Noyes Museum of Art, Oceanville, NJ, “Noise at the Noyes”, Movis Group Show, Fall, 2013

SOHO20 Gallery, New York, NY, Solo Show, January 28 – February 22, 2014

  ZYGOTE, 2013
Image by Frank Magalaes